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Based in London (Tower Hamlets district)  also closely tied to Amsterdam, Bali.


Vanruller Consultancy Ltd. is specialised in consultancy services for sustainable and inflation-proof buildings for real estate proprietors.

We create value by actively managing, through excellent timing in the purchase and sale of real estate and residential property, and by developing and maintaining own property.

Do you or one of your clients need to take over an investment that might fit into our portfolio, please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Our mission

Vanruller Consultancy Ltd. focuses primarily on homes, residential blocks and retail houses within Capitals.

The more in the center of a City you purchase, the more limited the risk. Precisely “affordable” housing in or near the city center can withstand recessions. In addition, rents in London are on average 50% higher than rents in other large cities.

Vanruller Consultancy Ltd. is characterized by its fast manner of handling, excellent contacts with contracting companies, combined with the necessary legal and fiscal knowledge of all aspects of real estate.

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